The Dawoodi Bohras of Melbourne Step Up for Mental Health

A team of 18 Bohra volunteers from Melbourne collectively completed over 20,000 push-ups to raise funds and awareness about mental health issues.

The Dawoodi Bohras of Melbourne once again demonstrated their commitment to social causes and well-being. This year, the community was proudly represented among the 217,000 participants in the national Push-Up Challenge, a mental health and fitness event focused on pushing for better mental health for all Australians. The dedicated team of 18 Bohra volunteers collectively completed over 20,000 push-ups, raising significant funds and awareness of this crucial cause.

The Push-Up Challenge is a unique event that combines physical activity with mental health awareness, encouraging participants to complete a set number of push-ups each day. The Melbourne volunteers showed incredible dedication and resilience, contributing a significant sum to support mental health initiatives. This remarkable achievement highlighted their physical strength and their unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy.

One of the enthusiastic participants, Mustafa Shakir, shared his experience: “Participating in the Push-Up Challenge was an eye-opening experience. It was more than just about physical fitness; it was about coming together as a community to support a cause that affects us all. Knowing that our efforts are making a difference in raising awareness and funds for mental health is incredibly rewarding.”

The Push-Up Challenge team expressed their gratitude and support for the Dawoodi Bohras’ efforts. Amberlee Nicholas, Mental Health Promotion Manager at Push-Up Challenge, praised the Dawoodi Bohras for their efforts. 

“Thank you so much for being part of the push for better mental health this year. Doing 20K push-ups for mental health is huge. Your team should be very proud of their efforts,” he said.

This year, the Push-Up Challenge attracted over 217,000 participants across Australia, bringing people together, educating participants on mental health, opening up conversations about mental health, and encouraging people to reach out for help when they need it.

The collective efforts of the Dawoodi Bohra volunteers not only contributed to the success of the Push-Up Challenge but also played a vital role in fostering a more open and supportive conversation about mental health. By participating in such initiatives as part of their global Project Rise initiative, the Dawoodi Bohras continue to contribute to a stronger, more connected community, while raising mental health awareness and support.

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