Young Melbourne Volunteers Walk to Save Koalas

Habitat loss, disease, climate change, and bushfires have led to significant declines in koala populations across Australia. To address this urgent issue, 57 young volunteers from the Melbourne Dawoodi Bohra community decided to take action. As part of the Bohras’ global Project Rise initiative, they walked a collective 338 kilometres in just two weeks to raise funds for the Australian Koala Foundation.

With their declining numbers, koalas bring attention to the broader environmental challenges facing Australia’s unique wildlife. The funds raised by young Dawoodi Bohra volunteers will contribute to efforts to protect koala habitats and support conservation initiatives.

The Australian Koala Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the effective management and conservation of the koala and its habitat. Its main goals are to refine and update the Koala Habitat Atlas mapping of all wild koala habitats and to get the Koala Protection Act enacted to ensure koalas and their habitat are protected.

Amatullah Tashrifwala, one of the young Bohra volunteers, shared her experience: “Walking to save the koalas made me realize how much they need our help. It was tough, but knowing that we are making a difference kept me going.”

Aziz Kanchwala, another fundraiser, said, “Walking long distances was really challenging, but it was also rewarding. I learned so much about koalas and why it’s important to protect them.”

The Dawoodi Bohras’ Project Rise initiative is dedicated to promoting social responsibility and environmental stewardship.  By engaging children of the faith in meaningful activities, the project aims to instill a sense of duty towards caring for the environment from a very young age.

The dedication of the young volunteers highlights the core values of the Dawoodi Bohra community: compassion, responsibility, and a commitment to making the world a better place. Their efforts serve as an inspiration to others, showing that even the youngest among us can have a positive impact.

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