Sydney Bohras Host Thrilling 6-Team Badminton Tournament

The Dawoodi Bohras of Sydney organised a Badminton tournament bringing together the community's athletic talent and community spirit

The Dawoodi Bohras of Sydney recently organized a thrilling two-day, six-team badminton tournament, bringing together athletic talent and community spirit.

The event began with an exciting auction where six team sponsors selected teams of eight players, setting the stage for a competitive and engaging weekend. The 48 players ranged in age from 15 to 55 years old, highlighting the Bohras’ commitment to inclusivity and fostering a love for badminton across generations. The event was held at the state-of-the-art sports complex in Sydney, providing the perfect venue for players to demonstrate their skills and for spectators to enjoy the action.

“The enthusiasm and participation from the community have been overwhelming,” said the organizer, Ammar Quettawala.  

“This tournament not only showcased incredible talent but also helped strengthen our bonds and promote a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

The tournament’s organization was meticulous, with each match scheduled to ensure smooth progression over the two days. Volunteers played a crucial role in managing logistics, from registration to scorekeeping and ensuring all participants were well-catered to.

Spectators turned up in large numbers to cheer for their favorite teams, creating an electric atmosphere and a true sense of togetherness. Families and friends gathered to make the event not just a sports competition but a social gathering. The stalls offering traditional Dawoodi Bohra cuisine added a festive touch, allowing everyone to enjoy delicious meals while watching the matches.

“Playing in this tournament was an amazing experience. It was great to compete with and learn from so many talented players. And the support from the spectators was really encouraging,” said 20 year-old Juzer Rangwala. 

The Dawoodi Bohras of Sydney organised a Badminton tournament bringing together the community's athletic talent and community spirit.

The final match was particularly intense, with the championship decided by a narrow points difference. The high level of skill and competition among the participants was evident, making for an exhilarating climax to the tournament. The winning team was awarded a trophy and medals in a ceremony that recognized the hard work and sportsmanship of all players.

“This tournament exemplified the joy and spirit of our community. Competing alongside younger players was invigorating, and the camaraderie we shared was truly special. Plus it’s good to know that I can still compete with some of the youngsters,” said 53 year-old participant, Saleem Dawoodi. 

In addition to the competitive spirit, the badminton tournament emphasized the Bohra values of maintaining physical and mental health, serving as a reminder of the importance of staying active, fostering mental resilience, and building a supportive community environment. The Sydney Bohras look forward to organizing more such vibrant events in the future.

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